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potatoes confuse me

I have a lot of potatoes right now. I bought the ten pound bag because it cost less than just buying four potatoes (don't ask me why). I make some yummy mashed potatoes but I haven't been able to make anything else with them.....

I want to make french fry type things. I need to know what temperature to put my oven on and also how long to bake them for.

and I'd also love to know how to make hash browns. Because the one time I tried I just got a bunch of potatoe mash stuck to my pan and it was really no good at all.....

any help would be great!!!!

and this is how I make mashed potatoes incase someone wants to know (they are yummy!!!) ~~~
I skin and cut the potatoes into chuncks then boil them till I can easily stick a fork in them. Then I mash them with my spiffy electric thing (don't know what its called) I add a lot of cream cheese, a little milk and butter, salt and garlic and mash em till they are smooth.
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